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JCI Rockcity

JCI Rockcity is a local organization of Junior Chamber International (JCI) in the city of Abeokuta. We are young professional leaders making positive and sustainable impact and creating leadership opportunities for over 10years in Abeokuta metropolis and Ogun State in general. We have been involved in various programmes and project that has impacted the community and the state positively.

What We Do?
We Meet, Learn, Grow and Develop to lead projects in areas of Business, Individual, Community and International Opportunities. We create better Leaders to create Better Societies. We initiate and execute projects and programmes to create positive Impact, Building Local, National and International Network. We draw on the experience of JCI Alumni who have succeeded in various facets of life and who provide assistance when required.

JCI is the perfect organization to help you be a better entrepreneur. Beyond the worldwide networking group, in addition to the training seminars and programs, JCI offers something even more fantastic. That is the opportunity to develop real skills that will help you grow and manage your business. By taking part in JCI activities, you develop alternate skill sets that will help you as your business grows.

We are committed to developing the youth
in leadership and entrepreneurship

About JCI Nigeria

JCI Nigeria is a member of JCI, the first youth organization of its kind in Nigeria and was established in March 9, 1957, taking action and creating impact in our communities.

As Young Active Citizens, our Impact cuts across the 36 States of the Federation, with a mission to provide leadership development opportunities to empower young people to create positive change.

JCI Nigeria Local Organizations and collegiate members have carried out varied projects in the areas of Youth Development, Leadership Training, Empowerment Programs, Health and Community Development Projects in city centres and remote communities across Nigeria.

About JCI

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a non-profit international non-governmental organization of young people between 18 and 40 years old. It has members in about 124 countries and regional or national organizations in most of them. It has consultative status with the Council of Europe, with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and with UNESCO. It was founded in St Louis in 1915.

It encourages young people to become active citizens and to participate in efforts towards social and economic development, and international co-operation, good-will and understanding.

International Opportunity

We provide opportunities for international exposure and networking.

Business Opportunity

We provide the necessary tools and network needed as an enterpreneur

Individual Opportunity

We provide leadership development opportunities for self development

Community Opportunity

We provide sustainable development solutions to issues in our communities using actionable framework